GAME Time Game of the Week: Race Cars

This week’s GAME Time game of the week an all ages, all abilities game from Petros (4)

This week’s GAME Time game of the week comes from up and coming young game designer Petros (age 4).

Petros taught us this game at the footy field. And despite me asking probing questions to find some clear outcomes (ie: ‘adulting’ the game), Petros held fast to his vision.

  1. there were no tracks.
  2. no race cars could be left behind
  3. if anyone was tired at any point they got to lie down and (depending on size) either get carried or have water fetched for them until they were ready to keep running
  4. no one could crash.

What came out of it was a fun game with no winners, no losers, no competition, and everyone working as hard as they could.

The lack of direction that I initially found confronting, soon became liberating. Running with no where to go? And with no where to be? And with no real direction? And with no tracks? And lying down when you are tired? How often do we get to do that in real life?

The forty year olds and the four year olds were equally exhausted by the end.


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